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Jack Rusk

Jack Rusk is a designer and researcher currently studying at the Yale School of the Environment and the Yale School of Architecture. Previous to graduate school, he worked in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles as a woodworker, building or designing cabinets and furniture for everyone from community social centers to new homeowners to pop-up hair salons to A-list celebrities and blue chip artists. In his spare time, he helped to start and run a collective print shop.

His undergraduate degree is in Plant Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he graduated summa cum laude.
In his time at Yale, Jack has complemented his extensive experience in making and craft with research projects investigating the entanglement of built and natural environments. Jack is the lead developer of EHDD’s EPIC tool, has presented research at the International Mass Timber Conference, and is currently working on applying machine learning and remote sensing techniques to modeling how urbanization is changing people’s exposure to natural hazards in mountainous areas

He is also a member of the HMWRK research collective.

Recent Work